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Chairman - Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

Mr. Brij Bhushan Das Agarwal is the Founder and Chairman of Krishna Alankar Group. Mr. Agarwal, a second generation entrepreneur, has been spearheading the group since its inception. Under his leadership, within a span of 14 years, the Krishna Alankar Group has emerged as a leading business conglomerate with business interests across sectors. He leads the organisation from the forefront with his progressive concepts that shape the real estate industry in Rajasthan. Today a series of futuristic structures stand as recognized landmarks that have splendidly painted the city skyline. His foresightedness in understanding the future aspects, strong inclination towards structural concepts and preparing best quality personnel for a better vista makes Krishna Alankar Group different from other corporate organizations. Humble attitude and gripping hold, which signify his true marksmanship has outlined the core strengths of the Group on which it stands today.

Mr. Agarwal holds a degree in L.L.B. from Agra University, U.P. He founded Krishna Alankar Group and helped it reach unmatched professional heights is no secret. That Brij Bhushan Das Agarwal gave middle income housing a unique stature in India and pioneered superior-quality housing is a story that everyone knows. What is unknown is his uncompromising vision – of creating a respectable housing brand that cared about people and their dreams. It was a vision that saw success in inclusivity – a business plan that focused on creating an organisation that would take others along on its growth path, of creating products that would enhance the lifestyles of those who bought them. At Krishna Alankar Group today, we continue to be guided by his vision, mission and principles.

Managing Director- Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

Mr. Keshav Das Agarwal holds a degree in computer engineering from the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore and MSc. in Mathematics from Agra University, U.P. A Computer Engineer with vision, determination, and the dogged perseverance to realize his dreams. A veteran and yet a constant learner, his advice is extremely sought after in the industry. He guides the group’s business planning, policies, and strategies. He lends his technical support whenever required to the project planning and execution team.

As Co-founder & Managing Director, Mr. Keshav Das Agarwal is at the helm of Krishna Alankar Group. Spanning over two decades, it’s his vision that has translated wishes of millions into reality. Mr. Keshav Das Agarwal has infused the company with path breaking ideas and necessary vitality with his skills and abilities. His brief includes overseeing the finance, human resources and legal and operations departments of the company. His natural flair for leadership is apparent as he takes centre stage by implementing best practices that pave the way towards recognition amongst industry stalwarts. 

Mr. Agarwal’s natural business acumen and focused approach has made Krishna Alankar Group one of the few construction firms to have improved its credit rating and successfully attracted appreciation in the real estate market.It is this vision that has enabled him to take a stance that is beyond bricks and mortar, which is to build homes as well as to contribute to the welfare of the society with passion.

Managing Director- Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

Mr. Mohan Das Agarwal further brought in his creative and innovative approach foreseeing the future of real estate industry and added new dimension in developing luxury Residential and Commercial spaces. Within very short span of time he got admiration among his peers and customers for his brilliance and deep ethics he brought in every project. Under his leadership the company has outgrown, with numerous integrated super quality completed Residential Apartments, Commercial Projects and other landmark projects under construction to credit. He is constantly involved in improving the standards of the  construction & building work and has provided a great value for money to its customers.

Mr. Agarwal is B.Com. graduate from Agra University, U.P. He
 is well versed not only with business dynamics of  real estate industry, but also of cold storage and petroleum industry. He has immense understanding of the Indian buyers preferences, coupled with his vast experience in different industries, which is a unique winning combination in the realty space. Mr. Agarwal has embarked on a journey with a clear vision of working with imaginations and an insight to create a team of people by bringing them together with a shared sense of purpose. His contribution to the industry and the society at large has been recognized not just in the form of awards but blessings that have brought success to the Group’s doorstep. Such penchant for perfection, quality and on-time delivery are values that are today synonymous with Krishna Alankar Group.

Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

Mr. Prapunj Agarwal is the youngest director on the Board. He is a MBA graduate from Arya Institute of Engineering Technology & Management, Jaipur. He is a man of few words, but a die-hard negotiator. Prapunj head’s the purchase and finance function for Krishna Alankar Group. A person with a true understanding of 'a penny saved is a penny earned' yet ‘if you give peanuts, you get monkeys', he has perfected the tricks of the financial circus.

Mr. Agarwal is a visionary who is always open to learning and looks for opportunities to grow the business. Following the values with strong ethics of business, he is truly a leader with a difference. Coming from a family with strong ethics and values, he is an efficient leader with his focus on business aspects, market knowledge and absolute control over the construction matters. A person with an eye for detail and an enthusiast when it comes to product/project development, he is the major source of inspiration throughout the company. Currently spearheading the business development of the Group and taking care of companies Redevelopment projects, he has turned the magic wand at many occasions that have generated fabulous results.

His energy, his drive and the passion to touch the new levels of brilliance while carefully taking the steps towards development, has proven for the benefit of the company in all these years. His acute understanding of customer psychology and a keen sense of constantly evolving needs and preferences of the customers develops a strong footing for ideas for new projects.

Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

The young blood and a pure impetus on modernity and innovation, Mr. Pulkit Agarwal holds a degree in Master of Business Administration(MBA) from R.A. Podar Institute of Management and Diploma in Interior Designing from NIFD, Jaipur. As a forerunner of the growing company, he brings fresh ideas and actions that are always underlined with contemporary approach. He is often seen taking lead to maximize the results for the group. His innovative thinking and superior management skills are a perfect combination that fuels the hunger of a growing organisation. His innovative efforts in designing, forming elevations, beautification, landscaping and ultra-modern amenities continue to enhance the standard of living for the patrons of Krishna Alankar Group’s.

His core expertise lies in project planning, product development and marketing strategies. His dynamism reflects in his process driven and optimum result-oriented approach. He keeps a pulse on changing market scenarios and utilizes his knowledge effectively. His awareness and understanding of the Indian consumer has evolved the group to provide an integrated platform to the global consumer stipulation and this paradigm shift necessitates a transformation in the mindset and thus the product offerings. Mr. Agarwal has planned Krishna Alankar Group’s 'Krishna Kunj Villas' with an objective to bring home luxuries offered by projects acclaimed globally. His belief that there is no road map to success sans challenges and overcoming each brings the destination closer has led to a stupendous success for the Group. Several accolades stand testimony to his corporate governance skills and contribution to the industry.

Krishna Alankar Group (KAG)

Mr. Surbhit Agarwal holds a degree in Master of Science in Business Management from The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom and B.Tech in Computer Science from VIT University, Vellore. Pushing the envelope in a bid to explore new frontiers drives Surbhit. As a Computer Engineer and a tech wizard, he’s constantly innovating to make technology simpler to understand and use. When he is not burning the midnight oil in office, he is globe-trotting to learn new breakthrough technologies that can shape the future of the company.

Mr. Surbhit Agarwal is the youngest of the group on board bringing in high level of understanding of the needs of modern era people. With his inherent leadership skills and business acumen, he has brought a professional outlook to the business which has helped company set a future path for exponential growth and development. Due to his further passion for growth, detailing of every project and excellence he has brought in, the Krishna Alankar Group today is proposed to develop landmark Residential Apartments, Commercial Projects, Luxury Villas, Retail Projects and many others.

He is a very keen and enthusiastic person and during his college days, he organised many events like
Gravitas and Riviera which made him a self-reliable,conscientious, diligent and a confident person. For this, his college has consistently appreciated him for the hard work that he has put in by encouraging and promoting him in extra-curricular activities apart from academics. On the recreational side, he is a keen traveller.



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